Graziano Enzo Marchesani

PhD in Sustainable Urban Planning

Welcome to My World of Learning, Researching and Exploration. I am Graziano Enzo Marchesani, immersed in a journey of academic and professional growth at the University of Camerino (UNICAM), exploring the vast fields of design and architecture. A Journey of sharing has led me to serve as a lecturer, turning each lesson into a shared exploration of design's endless vistas with my students. Explore to grow encapsulates my continuous research endeavours, contributing to academic dialogues through publications and presentations. Tools to Express highlights my venture into the digital realm, mastering various CAD modelling, rendering, and software development tools to bring ideas to life. Together to discover embodies my openness to new connections and discussions. Feel free to reach out to exchange ideas or explore potential collaborations, as together, we can traverse new horizons.

Welcome to the Parametric realm, where the synergy between design and code unfolds. Here, you'll discover a collection of my explorations within visual programming, scripting, and more; I delve into the boundless potential that parametric design holds. Each piece showcased here is a testament to the power of computational tools in sculpting innovative solutions and pushing the boundaries of innovation.

DataTree Constructor

DataTree Constructor

This script, titled DataTree Constructor, is designed to organize a series of elements into a Grasshopper DataTree, useful for structured data management in algorithmic modeling environments. It takes two lists: one of elements and the other of corresponding paths, ensuring they are of the same length. Then, it assigns each element to its specific path within the DataTree. If the lists do not match in length, the script alerts the user instead of proceeding. Once completed, it returns the organized DataTree as 'newTree' and prints a confirmation message. It's a useful automation for those working with complex data in Grasshopper, facilitating the creation of orderly and accessible data structures.


Thematic Exploration:
The following compilation unveils a rich tapestry of scholarly endeavours and intellectual contributions. Encompassing a broad spectrum of thematic realms, these publications traverse the intricate corridors of urban resilience, environmental amelioration, architectural ingenuity, and urban regeneration, epitomizing a multidisciplinary spirit. The list is meticulously curated into discernible categories such as Books, Journal Articles, Conference Proceedings, and Exhibitions and events, rendering a structured panorama of the academic voyage undertaken. This diverse array of publications vividly illustrates the indelible imprint of their scholarly pursuits on the contemporary dialogues of architecture, environment, and urbanism.

Contributions in Volumes:
"Strategie per l’indagine microclimatica urbana" (2021): Strategies for urban microclimatic investigation.
"Adattività" (2021): Specific contribution in volume regarding adaptability in design.
"Nuovo Rinascimento" (2020): An analysis of the contemporary renaissance in the field of design and architecture.\
"Methodological comparison of different projects" (2020): A methodological comparison of various projects. Link
"ARCHITECTURE OF COMPLEXITY: (RE)GENERATIVE INTERFACES" (2020): An investigation into regenerative interfaces in complex architecture.
"La grande bellezza dello spazio urbano" (2023): A reflective exploration on the aesthetics and dynamics of urban space.
"Scarto vs Risorsa. Proposte per la rigenerazione dei residui urbani. Team RAP" (2020): A study on urban regeneration of disused urban compartments, aiming for a broader, circular vision of urban transformations.
Publications in Journals:
"GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE FOR INTERMEDIATE CITIES - THE ASCOLI PICENO CASE STUDY" (2022): A case study on urban regeneration and green infrastructure in Ascoli Piceno.
"Combinative Study of Urban Heat Island in Ascoli Piceno City with Remote Sensing and CFD Simulation—Climate Change and Urban Health Resilience—CCUHRE Project" (2022): A combinative study of Urban Heat Island in Ascoli Piceno City. Link
"Density - intensity. Material and immaterial elements in assessing urban quality" (2019): An analysis on density and intensity in assessing urban quality. Link
"Mass and lightness: urban quality along the Aurelian Walls in Rome" (2019): An analysis of urban quality along the Aurelian Walls in Rome. Link
"La sfida delle periferie: i quartieri ERP come opportunità di risposta all’emergenza climatica e sanitaria" (2020): An exploration of urban regeneration in response to climate and health emergencies, focusing on public housing neighborhoods.
"Mitigation and adaptation strategies to offset the impacts of climate change on urban health: A European perspective" (2023): A comprehensive review of mitigation and adaptation strategies for urban regeneration to address climate change impacts on urban health.
"RESILIENZA TRASFORMATIVA URBANA: generare nuove opportunità nel complesso sistema edifici/spazi aperti" (2022): Investigating the relationship between buildings and open spaces in inland urban areas of central Italy, aiming to identify a methodology for environmental parametric design.
"URBAN MICRO-FORESTRY FOR CLIMATE ADAPTATION IN THE SMALLER PORTS OF THE MID-ADRIATIC SEA" (2022): Research on identifying tools for environmental regeneration of open spaces in mid-Adriatic ports through urban micro-forestry interventions. [
Poster Act of Conference:
"The CCHURE project The Methodology" (2019): Presentation of the CCHURE project methodology.
"The CCHURE Project - work in progress" (2019): An update on the progress of the CCHURE project.
"Developing a Parametric Urban Forest Tool" (2018): Development of a parametric tool for urban forest.
Contribution in Conference Proceedings:
"A new baroque for the environmental quality of the city" (2020): Discussion on the environmental quality of the city through the lens of Baroque architecture, exploring urban comfort, climate adaptation, and computational urban analysis.
"Why Coupling MicroClimate and Buildings in Design for Climate Change" (2021): Discussion on coupling microclimate and buildings in design for climate change.
"Energy efficiency improvements in Italian historical buildings: The case study of Ascoli Piceno" (2018): Energy efficiency improvements in Italian historical buildings. Link
"Inspired by the Atmosphere. See the Invisible" (2017): Exploration of atmospheric influences on architectural design.
"Cool façade optimization: A new parametric methodology for the urban heat island phenomenon (UHI)" (2017): Introduction of a parametric methodology for optimizing cool façades to mitigate urban heat island effects.
Architectural Projects:
"SNSV2 VAUTERECO Area studio Regione Marche. Analisi degli spazi aperti urbani." (2021): Analysis of open urban spaces in the Marche region, identifying residual and disused areas near towns and cities for potential ecological network design.
Event Organization:
"FROM SURVEYING TO ARCHITECTURAL MAPPING PROJECTION" (2016): A three-day workshop and a week of group exercises on Architectural Mapping Projection, covering both disciplinary foundations and operational aspects for a VideoMapping project. The workshop culminated in the production
"Maker Faire 2017 - Applicazione di Live Mixed Reality ed esposizione degli elaborati del corso di laurea magistrale in Design Computazionale" (2017): Exhibition of projects and prototypes developed within the Master's course in Computational Design at Maker Faire 2017, along with a Live Mixed Reality installation for visitor interaction.


Hello! I am a passionate researcher and academician deeply entrenched in architecture, urban resilience, and environmental sustainability. My journey began with a profound curiosity about the built environment and its interplay with nature, which propelled me into a fascinating world of inquiry and discovery.Over the years, I have delved into numerous projects that explore the nexus between urban spaces and environmental amelioration. My publications, a testament to my scholarly pursuits, span various topics from urban micro-forestry to architectural video mapping. Each project I undertake is a step towards unravelling the complex tapestry of urban ecosystems and devising innovative solutions for contemporary challenges.My work is not confined to the academic sphere alone. I have had the privilege of organizing events and exhibitions that bring forth the confluence of architectural ingenuity and environmental consciousness. These platforms serve as a conduit for engaging with a broader audience, disseminating knowledge, and fostering a culture of sustainable urbanism.I believe in the power of multidisciplinary collaboration and continually seek to engage with professionals from diverse fields. Together, we embark on a quest for knowledge, striving to contribute to a body of work that resonates with our time's pressing environmental and urban issues.Welcome to a narrative of exploration, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of knowledge.


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